Personal Branding

Optimize Your Online Presence

MiCa Sports offers Personal Branding Services to entry-level candidates up to senior-level executives. Our personalized consulting services include best practices for resumes, cover letters, creating and fine-tuning professional social media profiles and role-playing for all types of interviews (in-person, video and phone). One-on-one sessions provide the necessary tools to ensure you represent yourself in the most current, relevant and professional manner.


Your resume tells your professional story. Corporate recruiters and hiring managers spend as little as five seconds reviewing each resume, and as hiring professionals, we know how to catch their eye and engage them with your story. We’ll help you highlight your highest achievements and most relevant experience for the position that best suits you.

Online Business Profile

In today’s highly-competitive marketplace, it’s mandatory to have a professional profile that stands out, so top executives will want to connect, hire and do business with you. We do an in-depth analysis of your profile and offer you the necessary tools to make your profile highly visible, get you properly connected and highlight your most relevant and up-to-date professional skills, achievements and education. Our goal is to create a professional profile that puts you in demand, and will be continuously viewed by prospective business partners, colleagues, hiring managers and executive recruiters.


MiCa Sports offers Personal Branding services, focused on ensuring your online presence is current and relevant.

1 on 1

We offer a one-on- one, personalized approach to resume writing and professional social networking.


And even if you’re not currently looking for a new job, MiCa Sports can help you enhance and market your professional image.

Stand Out From the Crowd

The world is a big place and you need to make your mark. MiCa Sports will help you prepare a resume that stands out & gets you noticed.

Profiles Optimization

We assist in creating an effective & impactful professional profile on leading business networking sites such as LinkedIn.

Personal Attention

MiCa Sports offers one-on-one Career Coaching to best prepare you for executive growth, job interviews & professional presentations.



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